Anna Rita Borchardt: A Life Story

My Grandmother Anna Rita Borchardt

ANNA RITA BORCHARDT was born October 3, 1925, in Queens County, New York, to AUGUSTUS HENRY BORCHARDT and ETHEL J. SHARPE.  She lived in the Bronx until the age of 10, when her father and step-mother (who also happened to be her AUNT LILLIAN) brought her to Bay City, Michigan.


Anna (standing) and Friend

$trees.MediaObjects['ctl15_ctl23']-1Anna (shortest) and Friend


Anna, Step-Mother, and Brothers in New York

She lived in Bay City, Michigan, until October 24th, 1944, when she married LEON JUNIOR NEVEAU (my grandfather) and moved to Hampton Township, Michigan.


Anna as a young woman. 


Leon Junior Neveau, Anna’s Husband 

Sometime in the 1950s, ANNA worked in the kitchen of Bay City General Hospital. In the  1960’s, she worked as a Nursing Assistant at Bay Medical Care Facility in Hampton Township, Michigan. She was forced to medically retire in the 1970’s.

She was a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bay City, Michigan, for over forty-years.


Original Immanuel Lutheran Church 

She lived in Hampton Township, Michigan, until August 19, 1987, when she died of heart failure at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Saginaw, Michigan. She was 62. She left behind five children, several grandchildren (including myself), and her husband, LEON JUNIOR. LEON followed her into death two-months later.


Anna sitting on steps, Bay City, Michigan

$trees.MediaObjects['ctl15_ctl23']-4Anna and her dog, Rex

I try to end these stories on a high note as often as possible, so let me share a funny story.

ANNA used to give her husband plenty of grief for his fondness of beer.  She thought that when he drank, he drank too many. So ‘ol LEON figured out a way to outsmart his pedantic wife. Since ANNA didn’t mind if he had one, two, or even three beers, he figured he’d just slam a few beers each time he went into the basement to grab another. That way, he’d be able to drink as many as he wanted but his wife would only notice the two or three he brought upstairs with him. It was a foolproof plan, or so he thought.

ANNA was no dummy. She noticed that LEON was going through too many cases of beer for only drinking a couple a night, so she made her way into the basement and conducted a search. She found a stash full of empty beer cans hidden behind the furnace, so she gathered them up and placed them directly atop LEON’S car, so when he came out in the morning to go to work, he’d know immediately that the jig was up…He used to stash fifths of whiskey in the garage and she found those, too.


2 thoughts on “Anna Rita Borchardt: A Life Story

  1. Hello…Excuse my english…
    I have here a photo of Leander Neveau. I made the genealogy of the family Neveau, here to Quebec, canada. …Before…the mother and father and family of Leander Neveau live here to Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, Canada. May be 1865, they moved to Michigan wit their children, except their daughter Edwidge Neveu and Her husband Zephirin Morel. They live here to Montreal. Before, the name Neveau was NEVEU , here to Quebec. Edwidge Neveu Morel go to Michigan with her husband zephire Morel around 1893-1894…I am Looking for several years the date and place where is died Edwidge Neveu ( Neveau ). I have here all the name and date of birth of brothers and sisters of your Leander Neveau. May be you can help me…. my email adress is…
    Have a good day…
    Michel Lauzon…St-Jérôme, Québec, Canada

  2. Hello! I am so amazed to find your page! It appears your grandfather was my second cousin. My grandmother was Hulda Conger. It may be that Eunice (Leon’s, Betty’s and Alice’s mom) was a sister to my grandmother..haven’t figured that out yet. Betty was like an aunt to us…we loved her dearly. We never met Leon (aka Bud) but heard that he liked his beer. Most of the people in our family liked beer. In fact, Betty’s husband, Don Burns, also liked his beer. Betty never had any children, but Alice had three boys (I think). If you’d like any information, I’d be happy to share what little my sister and I may have. “Aunt Betty” was a priceless rock to my mom.

    It’s also exciting to read the Neveau family connection from Michel!

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